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Stan Thompson, PLS, GISP, the developer of the packages sold through HTG, is a Autodesk Authorized Developer and a Professional Land Surveyor in 5 states with over 35 years of surveying and mapping experience. He is also a certified GIS Professional and has been developing GIS software for over 20 years.
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Terms of Use
TractAccess is an integrated set of database and mapping components used to manage information on property and natural resource assets. The integrated components utilize Autodesk Map™ and Microsoft® Access technologies and include the ability to export the data and graphics for distribution on an intranet or the internet for viewing with a web browser.

TractAccess Data Component:
The TractAccess Data component allows users to enter and maintain information for Tracts, Leases, Gas & Oil Wells, Core Holes and Seam Data, Tax Accounts, Scanned Documents and Photographs.

TractAccess Map Component:

The data modules listed above contain linkages to graphic features maintained in Autodesk Map™ 32/64bit.

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